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Medical Centre Cleaning

High quality Medical Centre Cleaning

Facilities designed to provide care for elderly and unwell require a standard of hygiene which exceeds that used in just about any other setting. It’s not simply a matter of compliance, it’s also an issue of reputation and more importantly, the health of the people in your care.

ACD Professional Services has spent many years cleaning medical centres, working with Aged Care Facilities, Retirement Villages, Hospitals, GPs and many different specialist centres and understands the importance of strict medical centre cleaning requirements and hygiene practices to prevent the spread of illness-causing bacteria and pathogens, and the cross-contamination of surfaces within your facility.
medical centre cleaning

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ACD Professional Services have specialised in commercial cleaning for over 20 years. Our national commercial cleaning services include total solutions that ensure clean, safe and healthy working environments for single site and multi-site businesses.

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We have extensive experience and knowledge in commercial cleaning sector.


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